You can book a vehicle from your app or from the web portal. Choose a vehicle from the map and book it. The vehicle's number plate will be sent to you 15 minutes before pickup and will be available on the app, via email and via SMS
For every trip you're guaranteed the best list price. The system automatically applies the hourly rate or daily/weekend flat rate at the time of billing.
For more information, see the RATES section.
When you reach the car, you can unlock it from the app by scanning the QR code or by swiping the smart card. The system then unlocks the doors and you can start your trip. The car keys will be inside the car.
Check that the car is the one you booked by checking the number plate. If the problem persists contact the call center – 800 002 288
After picking up the vehicle, drive it normally, and if you need to stop somewhere along the way, lock the car with the keys and take them with you.
At the end of your trip you can park the vehicle, turn it off and check that everything is in order. Leave the keys in the glove compartment, check that the windows are closed, exit the vehicle and be sure to lock the doors. From the app, initiate the drop-off procedure: you will be reminded of termination operations, and you will be able to lock the car by scanning the QR Code, entering the license plate number, or swiping the smart card on the reader. Wait until the car locks
The vehicle must be dropped off at the same parking spot as pick-up. In case the car sharing parking spot is taken, try to park nearby; drop-off will be allowed within a 200 m area, otherwise you will have to contact the call center: 800.002.288
Check that you have closed the car and left the keys inside the vehicle.
In case of any issues contact the call center: 800 002 288
You can cancel your booking from the app or from the web portal.

Registering for the service is easy and free. The only information you need to provide is:

  • Credit card or pre-paid card
  • Valid driver's license
  • Identity Card
  • E-mail address
If you find anything in the car, contact Customer Service on 800.002.288 for instructions on how to return the item to its owner
No, you can only book one vehicle at a time.
Check your device's service coverage. If the problem persists close and reopen the application.
If the application is still unresponsive and you have an active booking contact the call center on 800 002 288
In case of failed payment of the due amount, your account will be temporarily blocked and you will not be able to make any other reservations. You will be notified by email. We will make a new attempt every day. Check your credit card details on your personal profile and correct them if necessary
The personal information entered when registering with Genova Car Sharing can be edited by accessing your reserved area from the app. Just log in to your account on the site or from the app.
To modify your email address, just log in to your account on the site and click on the Edit icon, which will open the “Edit account email" window.
You will be asked to enter the new e-mail address in the appropriate field and confirm. You will immediately receive a confirmation email at the old address and an activation email at the new one.

Load compartment of the Ducato (Large cargo)

  • MM.2670 Length
  • MM.1562 Rear door width

Load compartment of the Doblo' Merci (Cargo small)

  • MM.1820 Length
  • MM.1714 Width

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